Modern Corset


When I called this post “Modern Corset” I want to be clear that I was not referring to a waist trainer. Celebs and modern girls alike have been buying up waist trainers left and right, and I have a friend who actually wears hers on the stair master at the gym, the idea of of which even makes me want to pass out. No, I am talking about the corset tying look that has been really popping up on my favorite shopping websites lately.

Like the bodysuit I am sporting for this post, the laced-up-look is an in-your-face trend that I am just crazy about. I think the look works best for smaller busted girls, (your boobs tend to pop out less frequently :P) however I think my small C’s are really working it here. I paired it with a high-waisted skirt, because I am a bit self conscious of my midsection at the mo-(just one of those months, you ladies feel me?); and, all of the pants I have been paring this with made me feel a bit wide. However, I think this look would be even cuter with some black skinny jeans, or maybe some ripped boyfriend ones.

For more corseted bodysuits, I saw a ton of colors and styles on Missguided (where I purchased this one) and I am sure you can find a slightly more subtle one if the red color and deep-V are just a little too loud for your taste!




From Head to Toe:

Body: Missguided, Skirt: ASOS (Similar), Shoes: Lulu*s, Bag: ASOS

Photos by Anabella V Photography



Crop Tops for the Office


Crop tops have been all the rage the the past few seasons. And you may be thinking that colder temps (or I don’t know…office culture) will keep you from participating over the next few months. Well simply stated, you’re wrong! High-waisted  pants and a classy cut-crop make it completely possibly to transition this trent through the fall and to the office in style.

You can always throw a little fitted blazer over this number to make it a bit more conservative, and then lose it for dinner or drinks post work. I am a big proponent of pushing your favorite trends into circumstances where you may not think they can work (for example, I love sporting jumpsuits to formal events) and crop tops are no exception. What are your favorite fashion rules to break? (Please don’t say wearing leggings as pants!)





From Head to Toe:

Top: Asos, Pants: Forever 21, Bag: Asos, Shoes: Nordstrom, Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Real Talk NYFW


The craziness of NYFW has ensued. Even if you don’t work in fashion, I am sure you’ve noticed either on Instagram or because of how irritatingly bad the traffic is in the city during this week. I’ve taken a rather ambivalent approach to it this year, if I am being honest. Sure, the clothes (not to mention the people) are beautiful, the free stuff is great, the parties are fun…but I just don’t like stressing about my hair looking perfect and running across the city in heels like the ones pictured above in an effort to squeeze it all in. I have had packed fashion weeks, and they have all been amazing. But this year it fell on my birthday, and I decided I wasn’t going to stress about sending out invite requests or chasing down cabs. If there was an event that sounded cool, and I received an invite from a PR contact, and it fit my schedule, I went. Otherwise, I spent this week with my friends celebrating being 25. And that was a bit more my speed.

I remember last NYFW, I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Corals & Cognacs about her new approach to Fashion Week, and it really resonated with me. Picking out amazing outfits and getting your hair done is nothing to complain about. But I often times ended up spending hundreds of dollars to prep for it, and stressing more often about being on time than enjoying the experience. That being said, I still think its cool for all the girls going the extra mile to give people who aren’t here the inside peek of the shows and the street style. And I have made sure to show up to the things that most interested me. Plus I had an excuse to wear these dope Brian Atwood heels (for about 20 minutes before changing back into flats). It is still quite the fabulous spectacle. And maybe this is the new 25-year old me talking, but I am prioritizing things a bit differently lately. So, cheers to NYFW, but also to taking on this new year with the insight and power to do exactly what you want!





From Head to Toe:

Skirt: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Brian Atwood, Top: Haute Hippie, Bag: ASOS, Sunnies: UO

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Fall in Fringe


My favorite trend works best in fall iI think…since fringe can be sort of heave and warm and always is most trendy in leather or suede. When I saw this transitional and one-of-a-kind Sachin and Babi number I think my heart skipped beat. I could’ve waited till Fashion Week for this one, but I couldn’t help myself.

Speaking of NYFW, I cannot believe it is here again, the last one seems not too long ago, and so cold! This is my fourth NYFW and, to be perfectly honest I have really taken a big step back. I am not sure if you guys have noticed that I have posted less, but it is only because I want this blog to be a passion project, and a labor of love, not force. I also love Fashion Week, but wanted to relax as this week is also my 25h birthday. Instead of clamoring for tickets and stressing about getting my hair done before an early show, I took the events that fit my schedule and planned a trip to Napa with my best girlfriends to celebrate my birthday.

This relaxed approach is really putting the fun back in fashion for met. Far too many of us bloggers become stress cases over these weeks, and though I totally get it, I wanted this week to be about spending time with my friends and celebrating. However, I can’t wait to catch some killer street style and spot some celebs!

I have also been focusing a lot on a ton of new writing projects, and hope to share some more about that kind of stuff with you guys really soon. But for now, check out my favorite fringe frock and have a happy short work week!





From Head to Toe:

Top: Sachin & Babi (on sale!),  Bag: ASOS, Jeans: Mixology, Shoes: Asos

Photos: Anabella V Photography


Fall Wish List


Fall is just a few weeks away, and I am trying to exhaust the crap out of bright colors and breezy fabrics. I still picked up these adorable oxfords and tailored pants to transition into the cooler months. One of the few things I am looking forward to (besides my 25th birthday–which I cannot belly is coming up, I was 22 when I did my first blog post!) is fall fashion. I linked some of the pieces on my wishlist below. What are yours?!