Print Mixing 101


Print mixing is one of my favorite ways to make an outfit both unexpected and really fun! I hear that a lot of women find mixing prints to be a little bit difficult, myself included. I think the real key to accomplishing this type of look if it does not come naturally to you is simply taking the time to experiment. Sticking to a general color scheme and pairing patterns within those colors in your wardrobe will eventually lead you to jus the right par of prints. Mixing a more subtle plaid with a bright graphic was the key for me with this look.


The most important thing to remember with print mixing/style in general is that there aren’t any rules. Fashion is all about fun, and being playful with your styling option can make you look fresh and trendy while also adding new life to your wardrobe. Honestly, before slipping this look on I wasn’t sure it would work, but I fell in love with the results and could see it becoming an outfit staple!




From Head to Toe:

Top: Maje (on sale!), Skirt: Mink Pink (similar), Bag: ASOS, Shoes: Zara, Sunnies: Vintage

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Something Like Spring


I know that it was 32 degrees today, (or 0 if you like to use Celsius) but it’s March, and to this Florida girl that means it should be at least 75 degrees outside. As impossible as that is up here, I prefer to pretend otherwise. That means a spring dress, warmed up with some high socks, a beanie and a jacket. You can get away with this–in my opinion–once the thermometer peaks above 38/40. Or maybe I am crazy. Seriously crazy about minidresses, which if I had my way would be basically all that I wore. Mini dresses are practically pajama t-shirts posing as being fashionable, particularly the one photographed here which may be my favorite of them all. No matter the temperature, short flowy dresses always seem to strike the perfect balance of feminine, sexy, fashionable and comfortable for me. This is why April through October I wear them 5 out of 7 days per week. This is a fair warning: expect to see them consume my Instagram in the coming months.

What is your favorite thing to wear?







From Head to Toe:

Hat: H&M, Dress: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Jacket: Nasty Gal, Socks: H&M, Shoes:Zara, Bag: ASOS, Sunnies: Vintage

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Unexpected Elements


I wore this look to NYFW and think it is a bit more “out there” thank my usual vibe–simply because it has so much going on–but it was really fun to wear tulle and plaid and a giant hat all at the same time. I’m still not sure I am completely sold on the silhouette to be honest, and to be even more honest, the first day of fashion week sort of snick up on a me and I picked this out in 5 minutes while running 15 minutes late for my first show (luckily being “fashionably late” is basically how all of NYFW is run and I didn’t miss anything). Though I think that some of the greatest looks come from the urgency of a fashion emergency, (I know, I rhymed) I just think this may look way more spectacular on someone who is…not shaped like me. But it’s all about confidence, and I loved this look and rocked the hell out of it!






From Head To Toe:

Hat: FRR (Similar), Blazer: YSL (Similar), Bag: Aldo, Dress: Elizabeth and James, Shoes: Zara

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Suede Midi in the City



I love experimenting with breaking fashion norms. Pairing what is essentially an evening gown with a leather jacket is a prime example of this. The solid color makes the dress super versatile, but the gorgeous fabric still gives an under-stated glam vibe beneath the jacket. Personally, I think you can make anything wearable for day time if you put it beneath a leather jacket. Summer dresses are suddenly winter appropriate with a touch of leather, and the most boring looks instantly become trendy with a little help from this wardrobe staple. A great leather jacket that stands the test of the seasons is something that every woman (and maybe just every person) should have in their wardrobe. I’ve linked a few of my faves below (from splurges to steals) just in case you don’t already have one!





From Head to Toe:

Sunnies: Vintage, Jacket: Nasty Gal, Bag: ASOS, Dress: H&M (Similar), Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Anabella V Photography

Splurge Leather Jacket!

Steal Leather Jacket!

And one in-between!


Elevated Casual


Something I love about blogging is the diversity of personal style it showcases while still exemplifying modern trends and cuts. Personally, I struggle to pin down my specific style, simply because I love experimenting so much. One day I will rock a bohemian look and the next I will be experimenting with men’s wear. That’s why even with a classic jeans and t-shirt look I have to spruce it up with my favorite suede sweater and some gold booties. Unexpected elements can make a casual look completely your own. And that is what personal style is all about!

And while we are on the subject of personal style, can we just talk about my jeans for a second? Jean fit is something that I actually don’t enjoy about shopping. Trying to find a great pair of jeans is like trying to find a non-douchey guy at an Upper East Side bar on a Thursday (its hard, not impossible). But these Rebecca Minkoff jeans not only fit me, but my girlfriend Georgia with amazing stretch and comfort. The price for such a great designer doesn’t break the bank, either. I got a light wash pair, but I feel like I am going to have to pick up the white and black ones too. Their begging-like material makes them a great option if you’re on the hunt with new pants (link below)!






From Head to Toe:

Sunnies: Vintage, Jacket: BCBG (Similar), Bag: Nine West, T-Shirt: Vince, Jeans: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Zara

Photos by Anabella V Photography