Workin’ with What You Got


I don’t know how many of you experiment with your hair color a lot, and maybe for some of you, you hair tolerates it rather well. You may remember my blunder with blondness back from October. I dyed my hair for the first time, it looked bad, there were some tears. Anyway, bleach really took a tole on my once silky locks. I also really love to heat style my hair, and for people with fine hair like mine you can’t really have it both ways (dyed and fried I mean). Sure, I use a crap ton of heat protectant and dry shampoo like any educated beauty-lover does, but when you clap a 400 degree iron down on your locks several times a week, what can you really expect from your hair?

Thusly, I have been inspired to try to embrace my natural curls. And, honestly, this has been no east feat. I am a huge fan of “lobs,” and ombre, and big gorgeous bouncy heads of waves…on everyone but myself. Something about short hair makes me feel like my head becomes shaped like a grapefruit; round, chubby and just unappealing. My natural curl makes me feel like a look like I am 12. I am reading a great book right now, (The Happiness Project) and one of the things it discusses is that we truly are our own worse critic, picking up things in ourselves that no one else sees. And unless I plan to fry my hair into the texture of straw, I really need to learn to love my natural waves. I will admit, that I curled the front pieces to give the whole look some shape, but I don’t hate the final product. I’m not packing away my flatiron by any means; just trying to limit my heated-hairdos to once or twice a mont (even writing that sounded impossible to me).

How do you all keep your hair healthy?





From Head to Toe

Set: TopShop, Bag: ASOS, Shoes: Maje

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Favorite Trends on Repeat


One of the coolest things about blogging is that you literally have a well-organized chronological diary of your fashion history. When you love clothes as much as I do, it is pretty sweet to see how your style has changed over time. I was discussing with my bestie (Kathy) at a picnic on Saturday that as I hit my mid-twenties this year, I felt like my style was evolving in a way that it hadn’t before. For the first time in my life I actually felt too old to wear certain stuff. I have always loved super feminine silhouettes, and now things felt maybe a bit too short or a bit too young in my wardrobe. I was sort of freaked out that I was acknowledging my accelerating age for the first time (and I know, I know, I know, I am really young still), but I felt like I needed to go out and buy a new wardrobe to match my changing mood and taste.

This is where having a blog is a sort of helpful form of self reflection. I went back and scanned my outfit posts from this time last year and noticed several things. First, and foremost, I got the same haircut both times thinking I was making SUCH a dramatic change which is really barely noticeable. Secondly, I definitely gained like 10 lbs this winter and seriously need to do something about that. And, thirdly, my favorite pieces than are still my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Sure, my style has evolved, but when you invest in truly timeless looks that make you feel amazing, you can wear them for years to come. Included in this post are just a handful of examples, but you can really make the same analysis of yourself by looking at old Instagram or Facebook photos. It is kind of sweet to have my entire fashion history (as far back as high school) documented on social media…maybe a little creepy, but also a little bit of hindsight that our generation is the first to be lucky enough to experience!

So yea, as my style continues to grow, shop my wardrobe staples by clicking through these favorite past spring posts!





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Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5


Spring Uniforms


The season of the sundress is upon us, and I am as thrilled as I look in the above photo. I love fashion, but I am so lazy. Thusly, there is nothing I love more than throwing on a killer dress and calling it an outfit. Something about NYC just comes alive this time of year, from the tulips planted along the curbs, to cafes lining the sidewalk with tables for outdoor dining, there is just a life that you can almost forget during the dreary winter months. From now until October, I try to be outside as much as possible. This means runs along the river with my corgi, picnics in the park, and as many outdoor brunches as I can squeeze into a weekend. New York is by far my favorite city, and I feel so lucky to live here, but I hate the winter weather with a fiery passion only capable of someone who comes from a state where the temperature rarely dips below 50.

This look is a great example of what you will find me in for the rest of the season. An easy dress, and shoes that look fancy but are still really comfortable. This was basically my uniform when I lived in Florida. Even the most fashionable of ladies needs a silhouette that always makes her feel fab and look chic. What about you guys? Do you have a go-to look? Let me know!








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Sunnies: Artists and Fleas, Dress: Piperlime (Piperlime is closing btw :( grab your sale stuff now!!), Shoes: Thrfited (Similar), Bag: Ninewest

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Festival Inspired Print Mixing


I landing on a flight from Vegas at 5 a.m. this morning, and the urge to sleep for the rest of the week is really hard to strut off right now, but I never wait this long to post stuff, so here I am. Vegas was amazeballs, thanks for asking. I went on a bachelorette party with my college roommate and six other women, and it was four straight days of predictable debauchery. I’d never been before, and nobody told me that as long as you are a woman, you basically don’t have to pay for anything. Promoters will get you into ever club and beach party for free, as well as comp you drink tickets. Its almost unbelievable, but I spent four days drinking in Vegas without ever actually buying a drink. I also saw David Guetta, Alesso, and Steve Aoki at three separate venues without ever paying for admission. I still can’t get over how unbelievably fricken’ awesome it is to be a woman in Vegas. If you or your girlfriends ever head that way and need the number of a promoter please shoot me an e-mail (or just go on Twitter and hashtag something “Vegas” and that should put you in touch with a hoard of club promoters eager to give you free cocktails).

Vegas has a super glam vibe when it comes to fashion, but I was simultaneously mourning all the missed opportunities I had to sport festival wear at Coachella this past weekend; and therefore opted for a really Boho vacation vibe. A crop top and denim shorts are basically my summer uniform, and it was nice to wear them in weather that was warm enough that I actually needed sunscreen!

Anyway dolls, I think my eyes are about to glue themselves shut, so we will need to pick this convo up again on the blog later this week! xx






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Sunnies: Vintage, Vest: TopShop, Shorts and Crop: UO, Vined Rings: Wren and Glory, Shoes: Crossroads Trading, Backpack: Brooklyn Flea

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Warm Colors//Cool Temps


It was a frigid 40-some-odd degree day again in NYC today, (what else is new) but I am just going to go ahead and go all out with my spring wardrobe because I can’t take the winter dreariness anymore. New York is truly one of the most exciting, exuberant, and inspiring places to me…but its weather can certainly detract from how amazing it is otherwise. According to the calendar, spring arrived about two weeks ago, but the weather just hasn’t seemed to get the memo. That being said, you can still dress like you are going to a cooler-weather-Coachella if you layer up a little bit. I played matchy-matchy with this blue and orange ensemble (Go Gators!) and had fun with a springy boho vibe that reminded me of Coachella, but also kept my legs warm.

I ran downtown after work today to meet another fellow southerner, former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. I never really watched the show until her season, but something about her magnetically genuine attitude drew me in. It was such a treat to meet her, as we lamented the cold air and chatted about our fave NYC restaurants (check out my votes here). She also reminded me of some super important stuff. I have been a lot less personal on the blog than I used to be. A lot of this has to do with the fact that I wasn’t particularly pleased with my personal life (I went through a break up late last year), and furthermore, my professional life was in such a transient state that The Stylephile was a place for me to forget about this and just enjoy my favorite hobby (fashion). I made myself a promise when I started this blog to maintain a genuine voice and strive to be continually personal. My favorite bloggers always seem to be able to make friends through their keyboards and their photos, and I wanted to adopt this. It’s not that I was not being genuine–per say, but more that I was glossing over my day to day life in an effort to shy away from anything unrelated to fashion.

Meeting Andi reminded me that the most likable people are those who truly make you feel welcomed into their lives while being classy yet unapologetic about who they are. This has always been the vision I had for my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Anyway, the point of all this is just to recommit myself to my vision for this space. It is a place where I talk about fashion and brag about my ridiculous thrift finds, obviously; but it is also a representation of a community of women putting their lives on the internet and connecting through a shared interest that makes us all feel better about ourselves. Thusly, The Stylephile will be getting a bit of a makeover. I’ll always have my outfit posts and the occasional recipe bit, but I want to get a little more personal. In the coming weeks I will be discussing the struggles of building a personal brand and a budding business in such a competitive and self-driven market. I also want to be open about what its like being 24, single, and living alone in New York (crazy, hilarious, uplifting and simultaneously soul-crushing, etc.).

A pending physical makeover is in the works as well, as I really felt like this little corner of the web could use a facelift. Anyway, for as long as you’ve been following, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like such a part of a community that I love so much. I hope y’all stay tuned!





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Sunnies: Elie Tahari, Jacked: AE, Bag: Francesca’s, Top: Boutique (Similar), Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Thrift

Photos by Anabella V Photography