Staying Cool When It Is Just Too Hot


New York City was unbearably hot last weekend. They weather in this part of the world is still something I am figuring out. You freeze to the core all winter and then you sweat your hair into a frizzy nest all summer long. There are brief periods of relief in spring and fall, but overall NYC is an anomaly of temperature extremes. ON the hottest summer day a thin cotton romper like this one is just about the only thing I cane asked to put on. I added some platforms and vintage shades to make it seem Boho, urban, an more “me,” but genuinely it is so hot out that by the time I walk to the subway I don’t usually feel pretty any more.

My biggest tips for looking good in summer heat are:

  1. Carry around a bag big enough to carry water, oil absorbing toilettes, and your make up for touch ups.
  2. Leather and suede are awesome fabrics that are in right now, but even a suede crop top is like wearing a straight jacket in the heat.
  3. Cotton is always your best bet. (And no, this blog post was not sponsored by The Fabric of Our Lives.)
  4. Shoes with socks or shoes that avoid a plastic-y interior are best. I don’t know how people walk around in ballet flats in the summer here.
  5. Use your sunscreen as your day time moisturizer. You’re gonna need it anyway, and that on top of moisturizer is a greasy mess!

Stay cool guys!





From Head to Toe:

Romper: ASOS, Bag & Sunnies: Vintage, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Half and Half


I wore this outfit in Vegas to a pool party hosted by Krewella at Wet Republic. Which basically means, this is the outfit I wore to have more fun than I have had any other day of my life. I sort of assumed Vegas was this big, fake, grown-up Disney, that you go to once, lose all your money at and get over. Well, Vegas is big and fake, and converse to my usual travel preferences, I LOVE it. I also love how much fun you can have with fashion when you’re there. Anything goes in Vegas, and this includes with your clothing. I wore this dress, with pops of color, and paired it with Converse to I could spend all day comfortably perusing The Strip. There is nothing cuter to me than playing around with a mini dress and sneakers. It exudes a fun, feminine, yet sorry and cool vibe that I just can’t get enough of. The key is wearing a dress that isn’t too fancy in either a Boho or casual fabric. If you ask me, this is the best way to get away with making sneakers look cute for any daytime look. Your feet will thank you!






From Head to Toe:

Dress: Shop Tobi, Sunnies: UO, Bag: ASOS, Shoes: Converse

Photos by Anabella V Photography 


The Great American Roadtrip

Three months ago I met someone in a bar on a Sunday. He had quit his job and flown to America from the U.K. to buy a car and drive across America. We hit it off, and as I had some time off from work, I decided to join him for the tail end of his trip. A little leap of faith and some luck with the timing, and I had the time of my life driving the West Coast with someone who I met on mere happenstance. We went to Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Big Sur, and Monument Valley and hiked across rivers, up mountains and along waterfalls. We went to Napa, Santa Barbara, Phoenix and San Diego, ate our weight in Mexican food and drank gallons of America’s best wine. We saw Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Fransisco and danced our faces off, ran along the beach, and made friends with a million strangers.

I love traveling. I’ve always had a little bit of an international bias, and would never pick to do a huge scale American road trip. But I learned that I live it such a dynamic, awesome, and unbelievable country. Every little bit of it is so unique. I also learned how saying “yes” to opportunities is the most rewarding way to live life. Check out my favorite shots below!














The Perfect Fitting Bra + How to Rock It


Finding the perfect bra is no easy task. If you haven’t already been measured, (what are you waiting for) any saleswoman at a department store will eagerly wrap her tape measure around your underboob and tell you what size you should be wearing. I don’t know if you know this, but most women are wearing the wrong size.¬†This can so easily be rectified with a trip to your local mall, but it is intimidating to get the right bra none the less. Personally, I tend to opt for unlined and soft bras that don’t draw much attention to my cleavage. I have average-sized boobs, and I like them to look that way, thank you very much. I’m glad it isn’t the 90’s any more, and that popular culture has embraced and sung the praises to natural boobs, no matter their size. That does not, however, mean that embracing them in your wardrobe is as easily done. Deep-V tops have not been as in style as there has been less emphasis on sexy necklines in modern clothing, however, whether its a T-shirt or a lace jumpsuit (like the one I am wearing) having a bra the emphasizes your curves without making them jump out of your shirt is key.

I am not the world’s most revealing dresser. Personally, I think a nice cut, and showing off a few well-picked features is sexier than letting it all hang out. However, if you are feeling like a diva (which I usually am anyway) and want to vamp up your look, a bra can be one of the easiest ways to have a mini make over. Below I have linked my personal faves for everything from a sport’s bra to a sexy stunner for every occasion. However, what I post encourage you to do is simply go and try them on!

  • Best Sporty: Free People Bella Bralette Best Sporty: Free People Bella Bralette
  • Best Strapless: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Multi Way Best Strapless: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Multi Way
  • Best Racerback: DKNY Signature Lace Best Racerback: DKNY Signature Lace
  • Best Push Up: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Pushup Best Push Up: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Pushup
  • Best Wireless: Wacoal Wire-free Contour Best Wireless: Wacoal Wire-free Contour



Classic Pieces, Modern Vibes


Hey Y’all! Sorry I have been a bit M.I.A. I just spent several days in the desert, and then in Big Sur where the reception is so spotty that I actually went like three days without checking Instagram, (the horror!). But in all seriousness, the value of unplugging from the world is something that until just recently escaped me. Living in New York, I always feel an uncontrollable desire to push and work and focus on even the most insignificant details of my day. Everything from errands to blog work, to day to day job tasks is done with urgency. I feel like a lot of modern women forgo opportunities to unplug from social media because it is such an important and ingrained part of our day. And as much as I love it as well, it was sort of nice to literally be in the middle of nowhere, hiking along the side of a river, without a need or desire to be anywhere specific.

That being said, I am such a city girl, and it feels a lot more like home when I can check my phone every ten minutes. I just am of the belief that moment where you do unplug reinforces good habit or among to be more relaxed in daily life. Even if it is just for a Sunday, when you stay in, put on a face mask and clean out of your closet or something–turn off your phone, you won’t regret it!

Plus, when you turn it back on, you may be super inspired to wear a chic and classic boyfriend-jeans-and-heels-look like this one! Always a classic silhouette, I added a crisp white vest for a trendy and modern edge. Personally, a crisp vest is my pick for must-have piece of the season, so check the links below for a few options!





From Head to Toe:

Sunnies: Vintage, Vest: TopShop (And here, here, here), Top: FCUK, Jeans: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Coach (Similar), Bag: Aldo

Photos by Anabella V Photography