Winter Color


I love an all-black outfit as much as the next New Yorker, but during the winter that can become unbearably depressing. When I found this Trina Turk coat (AT A GOODWILL NO LESS) I was inspired by the bright colors to wear a fun, optimistic, yet still winter-appropriate look. And when I went to shoot the photos with Anabella, the outfit’s vibe really translated into my mood. When you shoot outfits in the winter, the temperatures can make it so much less enjoyable than it is in the summer. This look however, was so fun that I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

It may have also had something to do with the fact that this look was SUCH a steal. When you head to Goodwills in wealthy neighborhoods (like the Upper East Side) people get rid of some of the most amazing stuff! I got this Trina Turk coat and the orange Zara heels for less than $55 combined. You have to have the spirit to hunt for these items, but my partner in crime (and blog wife, Kathy) has the best vintage eye I have ever seen. She inspires me to try on things I never would have thought would look good, and to dig for treasures like this coat on racks strewn with lumpy old blazers. Full disclosure, I love this outfit so much it may need to make a repeat appearance at NYFW in a few weeks!







From Head to Toe:

Sunnies: Elie Tahari, Coat: Trina Turk (thrifted, similar), Jeans: Seven, Top: Rachel Zoe, Bag: c/o Brahmin, Heels: Zara (thrifted, similar)

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Lazy Weekends


For days when I don’t have any events or any place to go, and I hope to only be seen by my manicurist and baristas, I wear a cozy little uniform of leggings and a baggy sweater. However, as big as NYC is, you may or may not be surprised by how often you run into people that you know here (I once ran into three people I went to high school with in one day! Very bizarre…) Little sections of blocks are like neighborhoods, and I know all the people in my building, and on the surrounding streets. Thats why even on the laziest of days, I add some swag to a simple outfit with pops of color or my favorite flats. It is true that you never know who you will run into, even in a city as big as New York! So dress comfy, but still reflect some of your personal flair!




From Head to Toe:

Turtleneck: Nasty Gal, Leggings: Think Closet, Bag: Aldo, Necklace: Vintage, Shoes: DVF

Photos by Anabella V Photography


On Fridays We Wear Fringe


Just picked up a copy of every blogger’s must-read #Girlboss by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, and was inspired, despite the cold to wear my favorite Nasty Gal piece. As unrealistic as it may be in below-freezing temps, this is the look I am most looking forward to wearing come spring. In the meantime, maybe I can slip some tights under the skirt and pair it with a cozy knit.

Don’t you just love a good statement piece? Nasty Gal has always been a favorite of mine for that. Check out some of my other looks with Nasty Gal here, here, and here.

Happy Friday lovelies!






From Head to Toe:

Top: Target, Jacket: Zara, Skirt: Nasty Gal, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Boots: Vince Camuto

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Modern Pearl


Pearls are always a timeless piece, but slap them on a modern-cut cami, and it makes for just the kind of shirt that can effortlessly go from day to night. I bought this one from Piperlime, and just loved the hand-stitched embroidery for everything from cocktails to a date. This outfit is wholly comprised of pieces I think every woman should have in their wardrobe: heeled booties, skinny jeans, a flattering and versatile cami, a classic blazer, and a warm scarf. Put them all together and you have the perfect look for just about any occasion! Have I talked this outfit up enough yet, ‘cuz  just love it so darn much!





From Head to Toe:

Scarf: Piperlime, Blazer: Theory, Top: Piperlime (similar), Jeans: Seven, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: Vince Camuto

Photos by Anabella V Photography


Dyed and Fried: A Cautionary Tale


I was excited to share that I had dyed my hair blonde several months back. I didn’t have much of a reason for doing it. I had always sort of wanted to try being blonde for once in my life. I wasn’t sure it would look nice–I am really pale no matter what time of year it is–but I had been having a rough year and felt like it was time for a drastic change. I allowed the stylist to talk me into doing a full set of ash-y blonde highlights. As she was doing it, I felt a little like it was over processing…she was rushing to wash it out so much so that water drenched my entire back and face. The bottom had just been hit with bleach and the top had a lot of toner, but you couldn’t really tell that the underside was white-blonde and the top was over-processed at first glance. All that being said, I was in love with color. I felt like it was really flattering and different. I wanted to try out makeup and colors to match my new hair.

When I did this in October, I still had remnants of summer’s tan. As November made me turn from pale to opaque, the color become less flattering and got incredibly brassy despite the $40 shampoo I had purchased to combat just that. When the roots started to show, and people started to tell me how much better I looked as a brunette, I decided that neither the color or the upkeep was worth getting my roots done. However, to redye your entire head of hair your natural color on top of bleach is not an easy task (no figure). Fortunately, my good friend Kali (who did not do the original blonde job) is a stylist and agreed to help me fix the mess. She mixed my natural color, dyed it and it looked great. But after one wash the brassy blonde showed through and most of the chestnut tone she had put in washed away. I needed several glazes to cover the mess, each time breaking more and more strands of my already tortured hair.

I know women who dye their strands every few months. Maybe with thicker hair, it handles it a bit better. Also, bleaching and dying are very different things. My mom warned me against doing this, saying that it would ruin the natural texture of my hair (and I have always listened to her in other circumstances because she is always right, go figure). After dying my hair several times in such a short amount of time the natural texture of my hair is completely different. I used to be able to air dry my hair and wear my natural waves if I wanted. Now my hair has small crimps with dried split ends and tons of baby hairs growing in from where my hair broke. It can still be soft if  I get it professionally styled, but I truly destroyed the natural texture of my hair.

According to Kali, getting highlights is fine, but bleaching the natural color of your entire head does irreversible damage that I will simply have to wait to have grow out. Now, I don’t think that this is the case for all women, but if you have fine, frizz prone hair like myself, maybe learning to love your natural color or just to have fun with subtle highlights is really the way to go. I wanted to share this story with you guys for two reasons. Firstly, if you’re in NYC, go get your hair done by Kali at Aaron Emmanuel Salon on 77th and 2nd. And secondly, maybe I will save you the trouble of some failed experimentation. Having completely ruined my hair is leaving me feeling self conscious about my appearance in ways I haven’t felt since high school, and I feel completely incapable of making it look how I want. Some strong conditioning treatments and TLC will hopefully have it back to its old self in the next couple of months, but I learned the mother nature just knows best sometimes, and you won’t catch me experimenting too much in the future!